Abdullatif Husseini is a Professor of Public Health, the current director of the Institute of Community and Public Health, and the Master of Community and Public Health program at Birzeit University. His research interests are rooted in improving the health of the population by identifying the various determinants of health and targeting modifiable risk factors through evidence-based interventions.  Although his research focus has been on non-communicable diseases and their risk factors especially diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and palliative care, obesity, and smoking, he works occasionally on important communicable diseases including brucellosis and hepatitis.  His work spans across epidemiology, public health practice, program evaluation, and capacity building in public health. He is a co-founder of the MPH program at Birzeit University and the main founder of the MPH program at Qatar University. Husseini has authored over sixty scholarly articles, book chapters, encyclopedias entries, and reports. 

Latest Publications: 
  1. Nemer M, Giacaman R, Husseini A. Lung Function and Respiratory Health of Populations Living Close to Quarry Sites in Palestine: A Cross-Sectional Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2020; 17 (17), 6068.
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