Weeam S Hammoudeh is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Community and Public Health, and coordinator of the mental health unit. She holds a PhD and MA in Sociology from Brown University, and an MPH in Community and Public Health from Birzeit University. Her research focuses on the social, political, and structural determinants of health and wellbeing, particularly in conflict contexts; health inequalities; political economy of health; conflict and population processes; and how health systems and social institutions develop and shift in relation to political, economic, and structural factors. She is currently involved in research projects on a range of topics, including the health of adolescent refugee girls, deprivation and mental health, uncertainty, and health system preparedness in the COVID response. She is co-developer and co-instructor for the joint Birzeit University and King’s College London course “Qualitative Research Methods for Mental Health in War & Conflict”; consultative committee member of the Reproductive Health Working Group; and research steering committee member for the Palestine Global Mental Health Network.

Latest Publications: 
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