Institute of Community and Public Health
Birzeit University
مـعـهـد الصـحـة الـعـامـة و الـمـجـتـمـعـيـة
جــامـعــة بـيـرزيـت

About the Logo

"يا كافي يا شافي، يا حافظ يا أمين " "Ya Kafi Ya Shafi, Ya Hafeth Ya Amin"

The ICPH Logo was inspired by a Palestinian amulet from the collection of Dr. Tawfik Can’aan that was donated to the Birzeit University Museum along with many other unique Palestinian artifacts. The gold amulet was given to Dr. Can’aan by a Muslim woman in Jerusalem in the year 1912. The amulet is thought to have healing and prevention powers against harm and spells. It has beautiful inscriptions on both sides. The front is inscripted with " يا كافي يا شافي، يا حافظ يا أمين ", which represents different names for God and translates into: prevention, cure, keeper, and honest. On the back side of the amulet, a 4x4 square is inscripted and divided into 16 smaller squares that have the letters " خ، ا، ل، ق " in them. These letters spell the word "creator" and it is thought that this square is a code to undo spells against people.