Prompted by the arrival of  the Palestinian Authority and the gradual handing over of selected spheres from the Israeli military government to the Palestinian authority, ICPH completed a comprehensive needs assessment of primary health care services in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The results were used to develop  and offer a Master’s program in Community and Public Health (MPH).

ICPH began to offer Diploma and (MPH) programs in 1996, and graduated its first class of students in 1998. On average, 20 students have been graduating yearly since that time.

ICPH admits students from a range of disciplines, with physicians, dentists, veterinarians, nurses and midwives studying side by side with other health professionals, nutritionists, engineers, economists, school teachers, and students who have science and social science Bachelor’s degrees (see sections on students and alumni). This ensures that team work and inter-sectoral collaboration is instilled in students early on, and as part of the teaching process. This is also compatible with the principle that public health must be practiced inside and outside health services, including in school, community and the wider society.

Master in Public Health

Aims and Objectives

ICPH offers the MPH program as part of its overall aim of contributing to health improvements and system building by upgrading and strengthening the conceptual, methodological and practical capacity of Palestinian health professionals and improving public health practice.

The main objectives of the program are:

To assist students in developing a foundation of concepts, methods and competencies necessary for rational and effective public health practice, and relevant to the needs and aspirations of the Palestinian community.

To equip students with the conceptual, analytical and technical skills required to identify health related problems, design interventions to address these problems, and monitor and evaluate the results of these interventions.

To enable students to approach health-related problems with an appreciation of the broad determinants of health, including the social, political, and economic determinants in addition to the biomedical ones.

To enable students to approach health conditions and services with the notion of inter-sectoral cooperation as an essential component of system-building, (two points added from the brochure).

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