Admission Requirements

A Bachelor degree from an accredited university with a minimum “good” standing.
A Bachelor specialty in general medicine, dentistry, nursing, one of the medical professions, or other specialties related to public health (such as nutrition, statistics, engineering, environment, management, economics, education, sociology, or psychology).
Passing ICPH's English proficiency examination.
Work experience in a field related to public health is preferred.

Graduation Requirements

The Master in Public Health is awarded upon successful completion of at least 36 credit hours divided as follows:

A. Core Courses (16 credit hours) for all students

HLTH 623   Classical Epidemiology
HLTH 627   Communication and Training Skills I

HLTH 6301 Social Epidemiology
HLTH 632   Health Planning and Management
HLTH 633   Research Methods and Data Collection
HLTH 634   Health Statistics

B. Elective courses (14 credit hours) from the following courses

HLTH 622 Management of Resources in the Health System

HLTH6201 Principles of Primary Health Care
HLTH 625 Advanced Classical and Social Epidemiology
HLTH 626 Family Health
HLTH 628 Introduction to Environmental Health
HLTH 629 Communication and Training Skills II
HLTH 635 Health Policy and Planning
HLTH 636 International Health Systems
HLTH 637 A Public Health Approach to Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases
HLTH 721 Health and Society
HLTH 722 Gender and Health
HLTH 723 Special Topics
HLTH 724 Health Financing Policies
HLTH 733 Health Economics
HLTH 734 Selected Topics
HLTH 735 Population and Development

C. Successful completion of one of the following tracks (6 credit hours)

Track A: (Thesis HLTH860): This option requires the successful completion of a thesis within the domain of public health (including HLTH633).

Track B: (HLTH 830 and HLTH 831): This option requires the successful completion of two seminars within the domain of Public Health and passing of the Comprehensive Oral Exam