Dissemination workshop: Maternal Mortality Surveillance System in Palestine May 24, 2016

The Institute of Community and Public Health in collaboration with the Palestinian Ministry of Health conducted a workshop to disseminate the results of the Palestinian Maternal Mortality Surveillance System (MMS) Study.

The workshop aimed to discuss the current MMS system and to suggest implementation strategies to improve the notification and response processes.

Representatives from the Ministry of Health on both the national and district levels attended the workshop. At the national level, the head of the women’s health and development department, the director of the health information centre, the head of the community health department and the nursing director attended. In addition, all the maternal and child’s health (MCH) supervisors at the district level participated. Furthermore, many Gynaecologists and obstetricians from various governmental hospitals in the West Bank and representatives from the UNRWA and UNFPA were also able to partake in the workshop.

The workshop was concluded with an effective discussion regarding the implementation of various strategies to improve the MMS system.