The return of Dr. Abdullatif Husseini to the Institute of Community and Public Health

Dr. Abdullatif Husseini has returned to ICPH-Birzeit University from his sabbatical and academic endeavor at Qatar University.

Abdullatif Husseini is the current director of the Master of Community and Public Health program & an associate professor of Public Health at Birzeit University. He is also an adjunct professor of Public Health at Qatar University. His research interests are rooted in improving the health of the population by identifying the various determinants of health, and targeting modifiable factors through evidence based interventions.  Although his research focus has been on noncommunicable diseases especially diabetes mellitus, he works occasionally on important communicable diseases including brucellosis and hepatitis.  His work spans across epidemiology, public health practice, program evaluation, and capacity building in public health. Husseini has authored over fifty scholarly articles, book chapters, encyclopedias entries and reports.