This research project is an amendment to an ongoing research among female farmers in the Jordan Valley, West Bank. The original research project aimed to investigate the working conditions, living conditions and occupational exposures among these workers, and possible health outcomes that are related to occupational exposure. The study specifically examines respiratory health and musculoskeletal problems. In this new addition to the original study, we will assess heat exposure and related health outcomes among the same group of workers. The study is the first of its kind in Palestine, and the Jordan Valley is one of the warmest areas of the West Bank, where the effects of heat stress combined with workload on agricultural workers’ health will be investigated. The project will contribute to understanding the effect of heat stress on health, and may be used to plan for intervention programs that can reduce heat stress among agricultural workers in the Jordan Valley.

PI: Maysaa Nemer

Research team: Suzan Mitwalli, Dina Zidan