This is a project involving partners from Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine (the Gaza Strip and the West Bank) and Birmingham University in the UK, as well as other UK universities. It focuses on supporting and contributing to interdisciplinary work to identify and critically evaluate dominant public and institutional discourses, and individual and community attitudes on disability in contexts of conflict. It supports the development of theoretical and empirical research to inform and co-produce new interdisciplinary knowledge on disability in conflict, and its practical application in education, through dialogue between the arts and humanities with the domains of medical sciences, law and education. It builds upon the educative process of co-producing new interdisciplinary knowledge, in order to address challenges in education delivery, access and quality in formal and informal settings, and across the life-course to address the needs of this most marginalized group in conflict settings.

PI: Rita Giacaman

Team members: Reem Ladadwa and Lina Abdulsamad