Short project title: Fruits, vegetables, and NCDs in the Ramallah and al-Bireh governorate

This project aims to understand the food system and the potential factors associated with fruit and vegetable consumption among Palestinians living in the Ramallah and al-Bireh governorate, West Bank. The study explores the role of availability, affordability, quality, awareness, and current policies to recommend the most efficient interventions to increase fruit and vegetable consumption at the national level. The methodology involves a document review of all available laws, regulations, and policies related to fruits and vegetables in Palestine, in-depth interviews with policymakers and key stakeholders, a household survey, a vendors’ survey, an online survey among Birzeit University students, focus group discussions, and a quality assessment of fresh fruits and vegetables. The project anticipates implementable evidence-based policy recommendations based on a clear assessment of policies, quality, affordability, availability, and awareness regarding fruits and vegetables in Ramallah and al-Bireh governorate on the West Bank. Expected outcomes include 1) Sustainable policies promoting fruits and vegetable consumption. 2) Effective interventions to increase awareness of the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. 3) Specific guidelines to improve the quality of fruits and vegetables produced in the West Bank.

PI: Abdullatif Husseini

Research team: Jamil Harb (Co-PI), Rita Giacaman (Co-PI), Widad Zeidan, Haneen Taweel, Dalia Abu Thaher, Dalia Ghosheh and Manal Shuaib.