This research project explores the transformations that took place in the Jordan Valley following the Oslo Accords of 1993, and the populations’ views about the effects of these transformations on their life, work, and health. Given our broad definition of environment, we highlight and identify the environmental, political and socio-economic factors and the interactions among these factors which could have led to changes in the living and working conditions of agricultural working women in the Jordan Valley and their health. The study utilizes a mixed methods approach, starting with a qualitative study among working women and their families, then a quantitative study among a representative sample of agricultural working women from the Jordan Valley, to assess the living and working conditions, in addition to the related health effects and the occupational health and safety of these women. The project also includes awareness raising activities for women using discussion groups, workshops and the production of educational materials for improving safety and health in low-resources settings.

PI: Maysaa Nemer

Research team: Ahmed Heneiti, Suzan Mitwalli, Dina Zidan