This project is a continuation of the Postpartum Home-Care in Palestine project implemented in 2012-2014 and its aim is to continue to improve the health and wellbeing of Palestinian women and newborns by implementing a comprehensive and holistic community-based postpartum home-care model for women living in selected marginalized villages and communities in Area C close to the Apartheid Wall including Jericho, Beit Liqia, Na’leen, Rantis, Beit Seerah, Khirbet Abu-Falah, Media and Qarawa.  Women in the selected villages are in need of support and assistance after childbirth and do not have easy access to health facilities or hospitals. The first several weeks following a baby’s birth are extremely crucial and its during this period that the mother and baby need to receive one-to-one support from experienced health professionals or midwives on issues of breastfeeding, family planning, nutrition, rest, hygiene, any pain or complications, sleep, immunization, check up for babies etc. This postnatal home care model will facilitate coping, rest and recovery for women following birth and will help to nurture both the mother and baby by removing stress associated with accessibility to healthcare. The duration of this project will be for three years 2015-2017. The project will be implemented in collaboration with Community Health Workers in the selected villages, under the coordination and supervision of Principal investigator Dr Sahar Hassan.