In this proposed mixed-methods project, we aim to understand how people give meaning to, make sense of, and cope with various forms of deprivation and the traumas and impacts of conflict and military occupation.  We will develop new metrics to assess deprivation and its links to health outcomes. By linking local understandings of deprivation and health we re-examine and re-evaluate dominant theoretical paradigms in the social and health sciences. We examine multiple dimensions of deprivation under conditions of prolonged conflict in Palestine. We identify the presence of multiple dimensions of deprivation (economic, material, nutritional, and political) and its determinants, paying particular attention to geographic variation within Palestine. We examine the links between different forms of deprivation and health and wellbeing, focusing on less tangible and under-researched impacts of conflict, including the links between subjective and objective measures of health, and the roles of political and social determinants.

Co-PI’s: Weeam Hammoudeh and Rita Giacaman

Research team: Suzan Mitwalli, Rawan Kafri, and Shiraz Nasr