This research project explores dimensions of wellbeing and gender relations among Palestinian youth through a mixed-methods approach. The study includes a secondary analysis of the data from the POWER2YOUTH survey conducted in 2015 in partnership with ICPH and Fafo, which focuses on youth exclusion, youth collective and individual agency, and wellbeing. In our statistical analysis we focus on two important dimensions: youth wellbeing, and youths’ attitudes towards gender equality. We build on the statistical analysis using qualitative methods, namely focus group discussions, conducted with youth throughout the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip in order to: 1) explore how youth understand and define wellbeing; 2) understand, from youths’ perspectives, what the most important factors impacting wellbeing are; 3) explore attitudes towards gender equality among youth. The project as a whole aims to: 1) generate knowledge around wellbeing and gender relations among Palestinian youth; 2) Translate research knowledge to policy relevant material; and 3) To increase awareness among policy makers and community stakeholders through dissemination events in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem.