This study is part of a four-year ESRC funded project - Research for Health in Conflict (R4HC-MENA): embedding multi-sectoral research capability and partnerships across Middle and Near East (MENA) (2017-2021). This study aims to describe the multidimensional palliative care needs of Palestinians in the West Bank with advanced cancer. The study objectives are: To identify the palliative care needs and experiences of people living with advanced cancer in the West Bank, Palestine, focusing on the three most prevalent cancers– i.e. breast, colon, and lung; to describe the mental health challenges related to living with poor prognosis in the context of ongoing structural and political violence; and to determine the political economy of cancer screening, treatment, and palliative care for people living in the West Bank.

PI: Weeam Hammoudeh

Research team: Abdullatif Husseini (Co-I), Rita Giacaman (Co-I), and Suzan Mitwalli