TitleEquity in health care financing in Palestine: the value-added of the disaggregate approach
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsAbu-Zaineh, M, Mataria, A, Luchini, S, Moatti, JP
JournalSoc Sci Med
Date PublishedJun
ISBN Number0277-9536 (Print)<br/>0277-9536 (Linking)
Accession Number18314242
Keywords*Health Policy, Cost Sharing/*economics, Delivery of Health Care/*economics, Financing, Government/*organization & administration, Health Care Sector/*organization & administration, Health Services Accessibility/*economics, Health Status Disparities, Healthcare Disparities/economics, Humans, Insurance, Health/economics, Middle East, Models, Statistical, Social Justice, Socioeconomic Factors

This paper analyzes the redistributive effect and progressivity associated with the current health care financing schemes in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, using data from the first Palestinian Household Health Expenditure Survey conducted in 2004. The paper goes beyond the commonly used "aggregate summary index approach" to apply a more detailed "disaggregate approach". Such an approach is borrowed from the general economic literature on taxation, and examines redistributive and vertical effects over specific parts of the income distribution, using the dominance criterion. In addition, the paper employs a bootstrap method to test for the statistical significance of the inequality measures. While both the aggregate and disaggregate approaches confirm the pro-rich and regressive character of out-of-pocket payments, the aggregate approach does not ascertain the potential progressive feature of any of the available insurance schemes. The disaggregate approach, however, significantly reveals a progressive aspect, for over half of the population, of the government health insurance scheme, and demonstrates that the regressivity of the out-of-pocket payments is most pronounced among the worst-off classes of the population. Recommendations are advanced to improve the performance of the government insurance schemes to enhance its capacity in limiting inequalities in health care financing in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.