TitleManagement of solid medical waste in the private medical sector in the occupied Palestinian territory: problems and remedial measures
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsAl-Khatib, A
JournalEast Mediterr Health J
Date PublishedSep-Oct
ISBN Number1020-3397 (Print)<br/>1020-3397 (Linking)
Accession Number19161090
Keywords*Medical Waste Disposal/methods/statistics & numerical data, Humans, Middle East, Needs Assessment/organization & administration, Occupational Health, Private Sector/*organization & administration, Public Health, Transportation/statistics & numerical data

Management of solid medical waste in healthcare centres within the private sector in Palestine was studied. This included segregation, transport, treatment and final disposal. The study found that 30% of the centres completely segregated all kinds of healthcare waste, 35.9% segregated the sharps and 27.7% segregated infectious waste. Healthcare waste was manually transported in 99% of the centres that segregate waste. Nearly 87% of the centres disposed of the waste in open dumps randomly distributed in the area. It is concluded that all stages of healthcare waste management in healthcare centres in the private sector pose a hazard to personnel working in them and also to the general public in Palestine.