Layth Hanbali

Academic researcher
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Latest Publications

  1. Hanbali, L. Kwong, E., Neilson, A., Smith, J., Hafez, S., & Khoury, R. (2024). Israeli necropolitics and the pursuit of health justice in Palestine. BMJ Global Health, 9:e014942.
  2. Smith, J., Jit, E., Hanbali, L., Hafez, S., Neilson, A., & Khoury, R. (2023). Violence in Palestine demands immediate resolution of its settler colonial root causes. BMJ Global Health, 8(10), e014269–e014269.
  3. Hanbali, L., Hannon, E., Lehtimaki, S., McNab, C., & Schwalbe, N. R. (2023). Independent monitoring and the new pandemic agreement. BMJ Global Health, 8(11), e013348. 
  4. Hanbali, L., Lehtimaki, S., Hannon, E., McNab, C., Schwalbe, N. (2023). Independent monitoring for the pandemic accord: a non-negotiable provision. The Lancet, 401(10376), P553.
  5. Schwalbe, N., Hanbali, L., Nunes, M. C., & Lehtimaki, S. (2022). Use of financial incentives to increase adult vaccination coverage: A narrative review of lessons learned from COVID-19 and other adult vaccination efforts. Vaccine: X, 12, 100225. 
  6. Hanbali, L., Hannon, E., Lehtimaki, S., McNab, C., Schwalbe, N. (2022). Independent Monitoring Mechanism for the Pandemic Accord. UNU International Institute for Global Health.
  7. Hannon, E., Hanbali, L., Lehtimaki, S., & Schwalbe, N. (2022). Why we still need a pandemic treaty. The Lancet Global Health, 10(9), e1232–e1233. 
  8. Jones, CM., Eigbike, M., Hanbali, L., Kay, S., Kebede, M., Wenham, C. (2021). Institutional design and management of a continental research fund in Africa: Insights from an international review of research funding bodies.