Capacity Strengthening

ICPH’s mission includes working towards instituting the practice of continuing education among health care providers, an aspect of quality health care provision that is still in the process of being accepted and implemented locally. It offers educational schemes to its alumni and others working in health and healthcare related fields, usually in the form of short training courses conducted on a regular basis, and covering various topics of relevance and importance to improved practices. In addition, ICPH is actively engaged in supporting young researchers by offering a range of short training courses in topics relevant to scientific writing, including referencing and how to conduct literature reviews, how to write research proposals,  qualitative and quantitative research methods, data analyses, abstract and scientific paper writing, and how to present research findings in scientific conferences. The various capacity building activities that ICPH regularly conducts, also provide a platform for debate and discussion of important local and international community and public health issues. Such activities include:

  • Offering short certificate and –non-certificate training courses.
  • Offering continuing education schemes to alumni.
  • Conducting regular community and public health seminars and lectures where local and international experts and professions participate in presentations and discussions.

Target Groups

Capacity building target groups include researchers, health professionals, educators, environmentalists, statisticians, social workers, counselors and others working in the governmental,  non-governmental, UNRWA and private sectors.



Our resources include useful links and directories to strengthen the capacity of those who work in the field of public health.

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