Training announcement: Research Design, Data Management, and Statistical Analysis using SPSS

Date: Mon, Mar 20 2023
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Place: ICPH

Training announcement

Research Design, Data Management, and Statistical Analysis using SPSS
March 20-22, 2023 from 9 pm to 1 pm


Course Description

Research, data management, and data analysis are imperative for informed decision-making in the medical and health field. The availability of several datasets and research techniques opens the gateway to conducting systematic research, which will be helpful for medical and healthcare providers in different organizations. Sound knowledge about research methods, designs, data management, and analysis is essential for healthcare professionals, which will enhance the utilization of routine data and national surveys.
Upon completing this introductory course, the participants will develop competence in quantitative techniques through hands-on practices in study design, data collection, and management, as well as the principles of data analysis and interpretation using SPSS software.

Target Participants
The training is designed for healthcare professionals working in different institutions who intend to learn how to plan and implement effective research studies, including data management and analysis.

Course duration: 3 days

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this training, the participants will learn to:
• Understand the components of the research process
• Understand the different research approaches and designs
• Formulate and evaluate research questions
• Recognize the different data sources, and learn how to deal with them
• Understand and appropriately use statistical terms and concepts
• Perform data analysis using SPSS software

Course Registration
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Location: Birzeit University, Said Khoury Development Studies Building, 1st Floor

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