On COVID-19: on going research

1. ICPH's Master of Public Health students have just completed a qualitative study entailing analyzing 11 transcripts focusing on what lockdown due to COVID-19 means for Palestinian women. While the results are not generalize-able, nevertheless, qualitative investigations are important to bring insights into the added burdens women face in an already burdened context and can prepare the way for a quantitative investigation. It is hoped that this piece will be published soon.

2. ICPH's Master of Public Health students are also conducting a quantitative study on the effects of COVID-19 on mental health. This study focuses on Birzeit University's undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff. The questionnaire was filled electronically, with an excellent distribution of results, reflecting the natural proportion of undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty and staff. Students are currently analyzing the data and preparing to write their seminar report. It is hoped that the results of this study will be submitted to an international refereed journal for possible publication.

Both studies were conducted under the supervision of Professor Rita Giacaman, the director of the Institute of Community and Public Health.